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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Building Support

Everything built requires support. Beams, posts, trusses, footings.  I probably should just quit with this analogy now because I don't actually know anything about construction, but the general principle applies. Without the appropriate support, structures fail.  It can take years.  It might lead to a minor crack or total devastation.  

As I get deeper into the novel querying process again and as the end of the semester nears, causing my students to scramble or to go numb, I'm struck by the important lessons regarding support we can learn from home improvement shows.  A solid foundation is hard work, but the lesson of the day is: plenty of help is available, but you probably won't find it unless you seek it out.

When I think about it, I bet in most situations where I feel most alone and afraid it only takes a few clicks, a phone call or even a smile to start building a support network.  The most challenging part is that when we are most vulnerable is when we have to make the effort to reach out.  I know my insanely busy students probably feel like the world is about to cave in on them, but there are tutors and friends and family would be happy to help hold up the walls if only they were asked. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mentee Bio Post

That awkward moment when you realize you haven’t posted to your blog in 6 months.  Yeah, so hey!

This year, I’ve sent out my application for the Brenda Drake’sPitch Wars.  It works a little like the Voice.  An editor, intern or an author who is already published or agented picks an un-agented writer to mentor (SOMEONE LIKE ME FOR INSTANCE!). Feedback is given on both the manuscript and the pitch (HOW ABOUT MINE?) in order to get ready for an agent round.

Mentors posted these amazing bios, and some of the hopefuls have decided to create mentee bios as well. 

A mentee, bio?  What I lovely idea, I thought.  Then I opened a few, and immediately developed an inferiority complex.  What the heck do I say?  Should I be funny or all serious author business?

After staring at the screen for a bit, I decided my current life is probably best divided into three areas:  family, work, and writing.