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Monday, December 2, 2013

Mentee Bio Post

That awkward moment when you realize you haven’t posted to your blog in 6 months.  Yeah, so hey!

This year, I’ve sent out my application for the Brenda Drake’sPitch Wars.  It works a little like the Voice.  An editor, intern or an author who is already published or agented picks an un-agented writer to mentor (SOMEONE LIKE ME FOR INSTANCE!). Feedback is given on both the manuscript and the pitch (HOW ABOUT MINE?) in order to get ready for an agent round.

Mentors posted these amazing bios, and some of the hopefuls have decided to create mentee bios as well. 

A mentee, bio?  What I lovely idea, I thought.  Then I opened a few, and immediately developed an inferiority complex.  What the heck do I say?  Should I be funny or all serious author business?

After staring at the screen for a bit, I decided my current life is probably best divided into three areas:  family, work, and writing. 


I’m been married fourteen years, and we have two girls aged twelve and six (INSTANT INSPIRATION).  I spend the majority of my time carting kids around.  I am, in fact, a dance mom.  No, not like that.  At least, I hope not, but I do enjoy rhinestones and glitter.  (IF YOU PICK ME, I’LL GIVE YOU SOME REAL DANCE MOM STORIES). When the girls aren’t dancing, and I’m not driving them everywhere, we enjoy traveling (UGH, ALWAYS IN THAT MINIVAN) and watching HGTV.


I’m a college professor of communication.  I teach at a two year college, and I have the best gig around.  Students take me on quite a roller coaster every semester (PICK ME, AND I’LL TELL YOU SOME OF THOSE DOOZIES). There is nothing better, though, than watching a student a give a speech with passion and conviction or having them realize something important about a relationship. I am blessed to gain a window into so many people's lives every day. In that sense my students' stories become part of my own.


I am definitely a late bloomer, as I didn’t write anything until a few years ago when I dabbled in fanfiction (YUP, THERE ARE STORIES THERE, TOO!) but I’m trying to make up for lost time.  I have three completed novels which are all middle-grade.  I write YA as well, but I’ve only got works in progress there.  I'm slowly beginning my query journey on my third novel. Querying is scary and hopeful and time consuming and exciting and infuriating and joyful and confidence-sapping and confidence-boosting all at once.

You may have gathered that I just love stories.  I want to listen to them, watch them, write them, tell them, and live them. I'd love share one of my stories with you.


  1. Hooray for you, getting up your courage and querying/entering contests! It is a little scary but also quite a big adventure - an opportunity for more stories, yes? I love the name of your blog by the way :) best of luck with Pitch Wars...and everything!

  2. hi! *waves*. I wanted to scope out the competit-- er-- fellow pitchwarriors! I loved your bio. Don't worry about the inactive blog thing... we have all been there. haha. Wanna network? I am game if you are. chirp @egmoorewriter, What was your MG about? I also submitted an MG novel. Best wishes to you in pitchwars!